Mission Statement

To enable people to improve their finances by borrowing and lending between each other secured over property.

The Team and the Idea

The company was recently incubated in a previous Family bridging company before expanding to become the BridgeCrowd and the partners and directors have been involved in Bridging for many years investing their own money into many deals historically and now via the BridgeCrowd. Recently, there has been an appetite from individuals and companies to lend directly into their own deals and bypass the poor returns from the banks. This has only recently become possible due to an advance in technology and speed of communication. By keeping the old principles of safe bridging loans secured over property and combining it with new young technology the BridgeCrowd is able to help both borrowers and lenders improve their finances by lending secured.

Louis Alexander

Louis Alexander

MD - BridgeCrowd, Social Money Ltd

Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson

Due Diligence and Underwriter

Jaimé-Leigh Johnson

Jaime-Leigh Johnson

Completion Team

Steve Dolmor

Steve Dolmor

New Business (North)

Luke Roughley

Luke Roughley

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Michael Alexander

Director - Social Money Holdings Trustee Ltd

Douglas Harper

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


We always obtain and independent property valuation from one of our panelled valuers that is local to the area. Each of our valuers is a RICS approved surveyor that has passed our due diligence and compliance procedures. We check their experience and the level of their indemnity cover to insure against any negligence or under-valued properties. The valuer will physically visit and inspect the property and provide us with a comprehensive report and photos of the property that we are lending against. This will include details on the local market, and evidence of comparable recent sales for the property as well as any other specific requirements that are of importance.


We use JMW Solicitors a top tier Manchester firm. JMW advise on property and title matters for the loans and liaise with the borrower’s solicitors for the due diligence and execution of the loan agreements. The bridging department is headed by Warren Martin. Warren Martin has had 14 years of experience in property and bridging specifically having worked at Boote Edgar Esterkin Limited a specialist bridging legal firm where he was Head of Property. From a lender perspective he has gained extensive experience from working over several years within the same building as two different lender clients at separate times of his career to date.